Let's become partners!


These are not just empty words. We want to establish a longterm relationship with you, and we want you to be successful. We offer a professional service for print and the Internet. You need a feature article, coverage or an interview, a translation or pictures? We deliver instantaneously may your project be small or big. You want it in form of a Word text, a printed magazine or a web site or in the most important European languages? No problem. In any case, you get five great advantages:

  • Our service will integrate seamlessly into your company's workflow
  • You don't have to cope with overhead or fixed costs
  • Our organisation is small. This gives you the guarantee that you'll get the best worth for your money
  • Our organisation is team-based. Therefore you can count on a flexible response and personal attention
  • The existing network stands for a quick handling of your project, know how in many fields and the respect of agreed deadlines.

To be partners means that both of us have the same objective: the success of what ever project you have: producing content, adapting an existing text to a foreign language or efficient public relations work.


You name it, we do it.



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