You've never been in the public eye?


A good PR might change that. Even if you are not a global player, PR is great in creating a positive public image for your company. The potential customer thinks a company with a good image is also offering high value and good quality products. If you think now that it will cost you too much money to get in the limelight, you are wrong, because you don't need an expensive marketing or advertisement campaign to improve the image of your company and your products. All you need are intelligent and efficient press relations.


We write press releases, which won't go to the waste basket without even transiting by the editor's desk, because our releases are written by journalists for journalists, and they are only sent to the right people. No use to litter the desk of the fashion editor with stuff on IT. He or she will not read it. And to make things even easier for you, we can also answer information requests from our colleagues. Your way into the limelight is a long one, but we help you all along with our press contacts, by organizing press conferences, press trips as well as round tables with journalists.


The advantages of getting media coverage are threefold:

  • Your company and your products will be in the public eye
  • Your staff will be proud to work for your company
  • Awareness of your company will be growing with customers and competitors.



But the best is still to come: this can be done on a small budget.

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