The translation - another original


A translation must have the feel of a text originally written in the target language. This can only be achieved, if the cultural, social, and political context of the target is taken into account. Only a native speaker can do this. To be absolutely sure of the quality of our translations, we have limited the source and target languages. We want your messages to come across, the way they were intended. For this reason our work doesn't end with the translated text. Proofreading, creation of terminological data bases and quality assurance are other aspects of the translation process. Our objective is to make sure your advertising or documentation will be appreciated by foreign language clients. Already existing translations can be checked as to cultural, stylistic, and technical adequacy, integrated in professional layouts, and put to print. You can count on our expertise. ttp stands for the highest standards, standards which guarantee your success. The way we work is explained in detail in our charta. And if one or the other term of the translation business is not all that clear to you, why not check its meaning in our glossary?

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