Translation Charta


The linguistic and technical expertise of our translators as well as a rigorous qualitiy assurance constitute the basis of our work.


Competence and selection of our translators


All our translators are native speakers of the language into which they are translating. They have proven know-how in their specific areas of competence and several years of experience as translators. With regard to their specific knowledge, project managers will select them for the job at hand. Everyone has signed an agreement of confidentiality and adhers to our charta.


Quality assurance


The translation process follows three steps. The translators does the necessary terminological research, clarifies technical and linguistic questions, and translates the text. Then he submits the translation to the proof reader, who will clarify still subsisting linguistic and technical questions and check consistency and style of the translation as well as the glossary that the translator has established. The project manager has an eye on deadlines and layout, and he is responsible for sending the final translation to the client.




Most important are the different departments of our clients company. Only they have knowledge of the specific terminology in use.

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