From translation to print


In the communication of important content to internal as well as external clients, the role of presentation is vital. Advertising material, annual, and quarterly reports and press releases, manuals, catalogues, and speakers papers are some examples where state of the art presentation and perfect timing of all stages from concept to print are fundamental. We don't stop midway. If you want to see the translations in print, we assume the whole publishing process. To garantee that this process is always transparent, you have a one and only dedicated project manager, who keeps you abreast of the different stages your translation is going through.


Your own term base


Your business has developped a specific terminology. If the technical terms used are wrong, or if their use is not consistent throughout your company, this might cost you a lot of money. Therefore every company should have a multi-lingual terminological data base which its employees can turn to in case of doubt. We can collect the technical terms in use in your company, build them into a glossary and assure maintenance of this database. If need be, we issue this multilingual glossary in electronic or printed form.

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