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An interview is no monologue. If the right questions are asked in the right way the person taking part in the interview will have surprising and interesting answers for you. The questions have to be to the point, there will never be a taboo subject but still respect for the person answering the questions. Before meeting the person we prepare the questions in a way to spur answers pro-viding new insights and before printing the interview we edit the questions and answers to eliminate any redundancy and cliché, to give them the special rhythm, which makes the interview fun to read. But only if the person we talked to gives us the go ahead. That's an essential part of the game, because this are his or her words and nobody else can take responsibility for what has been said. An interview is like crossing swords, where the person talking can make a show of his or her quick wit and sense of repartee. Because nobody wants to listen to a bore, right?

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